How Do You Say "Be Right Back" in Spanish?



Hi, this is Joel from Right now, I want to talk about how you can say “Be right back” or “I’ll be right back” in Spanish.

Now, the full way would be to say, “Regreso en un momento.” That’s like saying “I’ll return in a moment.” It’s not the most common way. It’s more common to say it in the short way – “Be right back.” So, you can use 3 different verbs. You can use volver, you can use venir, and you can use regresar.

So, starting with volver… You can say, “Ya vuelvo,” “Ahora vuelvo,” or “Ahorita vuelvo,” “En seguida vuelvo.” The last two are not quite as common but you can still use them.

Now with venir, “Ya vengo.” That’s my personal favorite. I just think it’s a little easier to say, it flows a little bit better. And you can also say, “Ahorita vengo” or “Ahora vengo.” Now, “En seguida vengo” is not very common and it doesn’t really sound that great, so I wouldn’t say that one.

And now, using the verb “regresar.” You can say, “Ya regreso.” I think that is probably the most common out of all of these. And you can also say, “Ahorita regreso” or “Ahora regreso” and of course, “En seguida regreso.”

Alright, well I hope that this was helpful for you and that you can start using a few of these in your everyday conversation. They’re really easy to remember. They’re just like 2 words long, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Alright, thanks for watching.



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