How to Say You're Used to Something in Spanish



Hey, this is Joel from In this lesson I’m going to tell you how you can say you’re used to something in Spanish.

There are two ways you can do it. You can say, “Estoy acostumbrado” or for a girl “Estoy acostumbrada”. Or, you can use the verb “acostumbrarse”. I’m going to give you examples of both ways.

“Estoy acostumbrado a comer muy tarde en la noche” – I’m used to eating really late at night.

“Estoy acostumbrado a viajar mucho” – I’m used to traveling a lot.

“Ella está acostumbrada a hacer la cena todos los días” – She is used to making dinner every day.

And now, to use the verb “acostumbrarse”. I can say, “En la universidad, me acostumbré a estudiar mucho” – In the university, I got used to studying a lot. That would be past tense of course.

I don’t know if you noticed a pattern, but after every time I said “acostumbrado” I added the word “a” which means “to”. So, that’s easy because it’s the same as in English. We’re used “to something”. So it’s the same.

Estoy acostumbrado a…. Ella está acostumbrado a… You don’t use “de” or “con” or another word. Just keep it the same as in English this time.

And if you’re not going to say what you’re used to, you just want to say, “I’m used to it”, you can say “Estoy acostumbrado”. You don’t need to say “a” or anything else. Just leave it at that.

I hope this lesson was useful for you and that you can start using this in your Spanish conversations. Don’t forget to go to my website for more lessons, my mp3 conversational course, and native Spanish speakers you can practice your Spanish with and get corrections.

Alright, thanks for watching.



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