How to Say "More Than" in Spanish - "Más de" vs "Más que"



Hey, this is Joel from http// In this lesson I’m going to tell you how you can say “more than” in Spanish.

Now, there are two different ways you can do it. One way is “más de” and that refers to quantity. And the other way is “más que” and that is used when you’re making comparisons between two things.

So first I’ll give you a couple examples with “más de.” Alright, so I can say, “El curso tiene más de doscientas (200) expresiones idiomáticas” – The course has more than 200 idiomatic expressions.

“Él vendió más de mil copias del libro” – He sold more than a thousand copies of the book.

And now, how to say “more than” when you’re making a comparison… Ok, I can say, “Voy al cine más que Catalina” – I go to the movies more than Caitlin.

“Yo soy más alto que mi papá” – I’m taller than my father.

I hope this lesson was helpful for you and that now you know the difference between “más de” and “más que.” “Más de” is for quantity and “más que” is for making comparisons.

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