Mp3 Conversational Course -

After much time, dedication and hard work with over 10 native Spanish speakers, I'm pleased to bring you my mp3 conversational course, which has 36 Spanish conversations between 2 native Spanish speakers. Each dialogue is made to help YOU, the Spanish student, learn new words, expressions, grammar points, and get your ears used to understanding the language.

I could go on and on about the benefits you'll get out of this fun course, but I think it's better if I let you test it out for yourself! You can see 4 lessons online for free. If you buy the course and don't find it helpful, it's no problem. Just send me an email within 15 days, saying why it's not helpful and I'll give you a full refund.

If some of the conversations seem too fast or advanced, don't worry! You'll get used to them after listening to them more and studying the transcript. That's the beauty of learning through listening to dialogues. You'll be able to see your progress very easily. For more detailed instructions on how to benefit from these lessons, click here.

What's included in the course?

-PDF with the 36 conversational lessons
-Full transcript in Spanish
-Full translation into English
-Grammar notes
-Vocabulary lists for each lesson
-Useful expression lists for each lesson
-36 mp3s at the normal speed
-36 mp3s at a slightly slower speed
           Now just $27



Here's a list of all the lessons. Four of them are available to view for free online.

Lesson 1: Al Menos Dime

Lesson 2: Algo para Tomar

Lesson 3: ¿Dónde Vamos a Comer?     FREE ONLINE

Lesson 4: El Cumpleaños de Camila

Lesson 5: El Examen Mañana

Lesson 6: El Gimnasio

Lesson 7: El Marido Enfermo

Lesson 8: El Parque de Atracciones

Lesson 9: La Antigua Novia

Lesson 10: La Cita con Juan

Lesson 11: La Entrevista

Lesson 12: La Historia de Karina

Lesson 13: La Tarea

Lesson 14: Metido en el Tráfico

Lesson 15: No Me Eches la Culpa     FREE ONLINE

Lesson 16: Pasado de Moda

Lesson 17: Por Fin, Isabel Está Soltera

Lesson 18: Problemas de Pareja

Lesson 19: Qué Mala Suerte

Lesson 20: Qué Vergüenza

Lesson 21: Todo a Su Tiempo

Lesson 22: Trabajo Extra

Lesson 23: Un Admirador

Lesson 24: Un Amigo Deprimido

Lesson 25: Un Chisme

Lesson 26: Un Compañero Nuevo     FREE ONLINE

Lesson 27: Un Compromiso con la Suegra

Lesson 28: Un Nuevo Corte de Pelo

Lesson 29: Un Viaje Largo

Lesson 30: Una Decisión Difícil

Lesson 31: Una Emergencia de Familia

Lesson 32: Una Feria de Trabajo

Lesson 33: Una Herida de Fútbol

Lesson 34: Una Noche Para Ver Televisión     FREE ONLINE

Lesson 35: Una Trabajadora Amable

Lesson 36: Visitando a Rusia