Spanish Phrases: Vale la Pena - It's Worth It



Hey this is Joel from http// In this lesson, I want to talk about a very useful Spanish idiom.

The idiom is “Vale la pena” which means “It’s worth it.” The infinitive would be “valer la pena” – to be worth it. Now literally, it means “to be worth the pain” but it’s used just like the English idiom, “to be worth it.”

It can have to do with something painful, or something that is not painful. It just depends. Alright, so now I’ll give you some examples:

If someone says to you, “Are we going to the meeting?” – “¿Vamos a la junta?” you could respond and say, “It already started. It’s not worth it” – “Ya empezó, no vale la pena.”

Or, “Vale la pena comprar este libro, tiene mucha información útil” – “It’s worth buying this book. It has a lot of useful information.”

“Decidí que no valió la pena” – “I decided it wasn’t worth it”

“Valdría la pena comprar esto si la información fuera was interesante” – “It would be worth buying this if the information was more interesting”

Alright, well I hope that this lesson was useful for you and that you can start using this very common expression when you practice your Spanish. And don’t forget to check out http// for more video lessons, my mp3 conversational course, and native Spanish speakers who you can practice with and get corrections.

Alright, thanks for watching.



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