Do you know all the useful meanings of the word "programar"?



Hey, this is Joel from In this lesson, I want to talk about the word “programar.”

Now, the word “programar” has an obvious meaning, to program. But it has another meaning that I didn’t even realize until earlier this year. The other meaning is to schedule, such as scheduling a class or an event.

So, I can say, “¿Cuándo quieres programar la próxima clase?” – “When do you want to schedule the next class?”

“Ya no podemos programar más eventos durante este mes” – “We can’t schedule any more events for this month”

I can also use “programar” to program something, like a device.

“Ya voy a programar el video” – “I’m going to program the VCR now”

Well, I hope that this word will be useful for you now. Now you can say “programar” when you’re talking about scheduling your Spanish classes.

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