Useful Words in Spanish: Tender



Hey, this is Joel from In this lesson, I want to talk about a useful word. It’s a word that I didn’t really even know that well until recently. The word is, “tender.”

The word “tender” can have some different meanings depending on the context, but in this lesson I want to talk about one particular meaning. That meaning is to hang up your clothes to dry.

In the US, in Europe, in a lot of other countries, it’s normal to have a dryer to dry your clothes. But in Latin America it’s not common to have a dryer. Almost everyone hangs their clothes to dry. They use the word “tender.”

Usually, or a lot of the time I should say, it sounds like they’re saying “atender” but it’s just “tender.” For example, someone might say, “Voy a tender la ropa” – “I’m going to hang the clothes.” They’re not saying “atender,” they’re saying, “voy a tender” – 3 words. So just remember that. It was a little bit confusing for me before, before I looked it up.

Okay, some examples:

“¿Vas a tender la ropa?” – “Are you going to hang the clothes?”

“Tiendo la ropa todos los días” – “I hang the clothes everyday”

So, “tiendo” sounds kind of like “tienda” – a store. But “tiendo” is just the conjugation of the verb “tender.”

“Tendieron la ropa por mi” – “They hung the clothes for me”

“Es mejor tender la ropa afuera que dentro de la casa” – “It’s better to hang the clothes outside than inside the house”

Alright, well I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and that now you know how to say something new.

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