How to Say You’re ‘in Love’ in Spanish

Transcript of the video lesson:

Hey, this is Joel from Right now I’m going to talk about something fairly simple.

I want to talk about how to say you’re in love or that someone else is in love. So, there are two ways to say this. The more common way is using the participle which is “enamorado.” And there’s another way you can use it without the participle and I’ll show you that at the end of the lesson.

And keep in mind, if this is hard for you to follow just by listening, you can read the transcript below the YouTube video or you can go to my website to read the transcript there so you can see all the example sentences more clearly.

Ok, so keep in mind that in Spanish when you say you’re in love with someone, you don’t use “con” which is “with.” In Spanish they use the word “de” which is like saying “I’m in love of someone” or “I’m in love from someone.” So just keep that in mind. Don’t use “con.” If you’re going to say who you’re in love with, use “de” before the person.

Alright, so, I can say, “Estoy enamorado de ella” – I’m in love with her.

I can say, “Ellas están enamoradas de Brad Pitt” – They’re in love with Brad Pitt

Or I can say, “She is in love with him.” – “Ella está enamorada de él”

Keep in mind when you’re using the participle, you have to change it according to gender. So if it’s masculine, it’s enamorado. If it’s feminine, it’s enamorada. It depends on the person who is in love.

Alright, and now to do it without the participle… It’s not as common, but you can still do it. You can say, “She is falling in love with him.” So it would be: “Ella se está enamorando de él”. Or, “Ella está enamorándose de él”. Or, to make it past tense, you can say, “Ella se enamoró de él” –“She fell in love with him.”

And if you don’t want to say who you’re in love with, you just want to say that you’re in love or someone else is in love, then you just take out the “de.” So, it would be… “I’m in love” is “Estoy enamorado”. “She’s in love” – “Ella está enamorada”. You just don’t have the “de” and you don’t say who the person is in love with.

Well, I hope that this was helpful and that you can incorporate this into your Spanish conversations. So you can check out my website for more lessons and native Spanish speakers to practice with and get corrections. And there’s also a great mp3 conversational course available for download. Alright, thanks for watching the video.

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