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Want to improve your Spanish but always so busy? This course is for you! Learn over 300 expressions, 500 useful vocabulary words and improve your comprehension skills with these fun dialogues. Try it today with a 14-day money-back guarantee!

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Why should studying be boring? Drop the grammar books and learn via real Spanish conversations

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Learn over 300 Spanish expressions and 500 vocabulary words - Just listen and read along

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Immerse yourself in 44 minutes of conversations (36 dialogues) between native Spanish speakers

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Downloadable mp3s (slow + normal speed) and PDF transcript so you can study at home or on the go via smartphone

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  • Listen to native Spanish speakers and how they really talk
  • Impress your friends by learning cool expressions and idioms
  • Dramatically improve your listening skills and confidence​

Author spotlight

After graduating from the university, Joel began his journey learning Spanish and gaining fluency. One of the things that helped him the most was listening to dialogues of native Spanish speakers. This motivated him to create this course with the help of native speakers from several Latin American countries.

joel baker

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  • Relax and learn 325 expressions by heart, just by listening
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