Meaning of ‘En Ese Entonces’

Transcript of the video lesson:

Hi, I’m Joel from In this lesson I want to teach you a very useful phrase.

The phrase is “en ese entonces”. “En ese entonces” is three words and it basically means “back then” or “at that time”. So you want to use it at the beginning of a sentence or at least at the beginning of an idea.

So, you also need to use the imperfect tense after it because when you say “back then” or “at that time”, you’re basically telling a story. When you tell a story you use the imperfect tense.

So, if you’re not familiar with the imperfect tense, you can go to verb conjugation website and you can see a lot of examples there for any verb that you want.

Alright, so as I give these example sentences, I want you to pay attention to the verb I’m using.

“En ese entonces, salía mucho con mis amigos” – Back then, I went out a lot with my friends.

“En ese entonces, los precios eran mucho más bajos” – Back then, the prices were a lot lower.

“En ese entonces, jugábamos baloncesto todos los días” – Back then, we played basketball every day.

Alright, as you can see, I used the imperfect tense of the verbs salía, eran, and jugábamos. So just keep that in mind when you’re using this.

Alright, well I hope that this lesson was useful for you and that you can start incorporating this into your Spanish conversations as you’re practicing. Don’t forget to go to my website to see more video lessons, download my mp3 conversational course, and also practice your Spanish with native Spanish speakers so you get the correction that you need to improve quickly.

Alright, thanks for watching.

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