Is ‘actualmente’ a false cognate?

Transcript of the video lesson:

Hey, this is Joel from In this lesson, I want to talk about a common mistake that a lot of Spanish students make.

The mistake is saying “actualmente” when they mean “actually” in English. That’s because “actualmente” is a false cognate with “actually.”

If you want to say “actually,” then you need to say, “en realidad.” It’s like saying “in reality.” So, when you want to say “actually,” don’t say “actualmente.”

In Spanish, “actualmente” means at present, nowadays, now, or currently. So, let me give you a few examples:

“Actualmente trabajo en un banco” – “Nowadays I work at a bank”

“Actualmente voy a la universidad” – “Currently I go to the university”

“El mes pasado estuve en Colombia pero actualmente estoy en Buenos Aires” – “Last month I was in Colombia but now I’m in Buenos Aires”

So remember, “actualmente” does not mean “actually.” “Actually” is “en realidad” – “in reality.”

Well I hope that this lesson was useful for you and that it will make you sound more fluent and more natural when you’re speaking in Spanish.

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