What’s the difference? Práctico vs Práctica

Transcript of the video lesson:

Hey, this is Joel from WorldSpanishTeacher.com. In this lesson, I want to talk about the difference between two useful words. The words: práctico and práctica.

“Práctico” is an adjective, which means useful or practical and it changes according to gender. So if you’re using it with a feminine word, it’d be “práctica.”

The other word is “práctica” but it’s a noun, and it means “practice.” I’m going to give you a couple of examples now.

“La práctica hace al maestro” – “Practice makes perfect”

“La práctica es importante para aprender otro idioma” – “Practice is important in order to learn another language”

Now, the adjective “práctico”:

“Esta herramienta es práctica” – “This tool is practical”

As you can see, “práctico” changed to “práctica” because “herramienta” is feminine.

“Quisiera un regalo práctico para mis cumpleaños” – “I would like a practical/useful gift for my birthday”

Remember that “práctica” can mean “useful” and it also can mean “practice.” It just depends on the context. You’ll know. It’s not really that difficult.

Thanks for watching my video. If you want to see more of my lessons, go to WorldSpanishTeacher.com and you can check out my mp3 conversational course, or practice your Spanish with native Spanish speakers to improve faster. Alright, talk to you soon.

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